79003 Sectional: Imprint Steelblue

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6-Piece Sectional: Imprint Steelblue

• Cover: Imprint Steelblue

• Also available 79001 Sectional: Imprint Cocoa

79003-01NA Armless Chair: W32.50″ D39″ H40″

79003-11LF Left Arm Facing Recliner: W40″ D39″ H40″

79003-11NA Armless Recliner: W32.50″ D39″ H40″

79003-11RF Right Arm Facing Recliner: W40″ D39″ H40″

79003-50 Wedge: W68″ D39″ H40″

79003-55 Console: W13.40″ D39″ H40″

Weight:479.38 LBS

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